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Performance Improvement

Three Level Framework

Goals Design Management
Organizational Level Organization Goals Organization Design Organization Management
Process Level Process Goals Process Design Process Management
Job/Performer Level Job Goals Job Design Job Management

According to Rummler and Brache (1990) there are three levels in an Organization:

The Three Performance Needs that must be met at each of the Three Levels are:

Combining the three levels of organizations with the three performance needs results in nine performance variables (see the above matrix). Failure to manage these nine performance variables will lead to a failure to manage the business holistically. Thus, every performance improvement effort must be viewed through this matrix.

The majority of managers simply do not understand the variables that influence organization and individual performance. They are not aware of the 'performance levers' that they should be pulling and encouraging others to pull. — Geary Rummler and Alan Brache

For more information on Performance Improvement, see Continuous Process Improvement and Leadership and Organizational Behavior.


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