What Should Be Taught Via the Web?

Contents Elliott Masie, president of The Masie Center, a technology and learning think tank in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. reports (No More Books): Any process involving motion or hand-eye coordination is best left to c-learning. Welding, for instance, is best left to in-person training. Emotional subjects should also be taught face to face. Masie says, "I wouldn't teach how to fire someone online." He also advises against Web-based teaching of things that are deeply conceptual in nature, recommending instead that training focus on procedural topics. Thus, organizations should avoid using the web for instruction on the fundamentals of programming, but consider it for teaching how to query a database, creating a cell in a spreadsheet, or processing an expense form

The Audience Counts

You must not only consider the subject, but also the audience. The chart below, from e-tales of Instructional Design, compares employee perception regarding online learning with management perception:



Prefer classroom/laboratory training over online learning

Prefer online learning to classroom training.

Enjoy getting out of the office and taking a learning break from the everyday work.

View classroom training as inefficient and disruptive.

Enjoyed talking with other employees and finding out what they are doing.

Provides more flexibly so workers can learn anytime. Reduced costs in terms of travel.

Masie does Mutimedia

What should be taught? - An e-Learning Briefing ( April 13 & 14 2000). Words of advice from the computer-gaming industry by Clark Aldrich -- Within a few years, many of the simulations organizations use for training will look more like computer games than Web-based courses.

Simulations in Higher Education By Susan Abdulezer -- We are virtual spelunkers exploring a shadow world, finding our way toward greater enlightenment



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