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ISD Concept Map


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Jay Cross (2004) has normally been been credited with coining the term “elearning” in 1998. However, the term seems to have been in use as far back as 1997 when Aldo Morri wrote an article for Telephony Online, A bright future for distance learning: One Touch/Hughes alliance promotes interactive 'e-learning' service: “The market for corporate interactive distance learning-now known as e-learning—has boomed along with the growth in the Internet and corporate intranets.”

While elearning has been defined in a number of ways, the one I prefer is by Victor Jeurissen, a global practice leader for IBM Management Development Solutions: the use of innovative technologies and learning models to transform the way individuals and organizations acquire new skills and access knowledge.

For more on eLearning, see Reflections on eLearning.

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